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Re: RFS: aegis (updated package, NMU)

Reinhard Tartler <siretart@debian.org> writes:


> OK, NMU is uploaded to DELAYED/2, this means that it should reach the
> archive on tuesday.

Looking at https://buildd.debian.org/~luk/status/package.php?p=aegis
there are some dependencies installability problem:

* on kfreebsd-* fhist is missing due to  #414005 (still open after 2 years)

  I'll contact the maintainer.

* on ia64 and mips:

  aegis (= 4.24-5.1) build-depends on debhelper (>= 5) {debhelper (= 7.4.2)}
  debhelper (= 7.4.2) depends on dpkg-dev (>= 1.14.19) {dpkg-dev (= 1.15.4)}
  dpkg-dev (= 1.15.4) depends on perl-modules {perl-modules (= 5.10.1-4)}

  How should I handle the above problem?

Walter Franzini

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