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eDemocracy hits Kyiv

E-Democracy Hits KYIV


ElectionMall Technologies, Inc. - the leader in on demand campaign technology and election services has opened a new office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

A press conference will be held at the UNIAN press agency headquarters in Kyiv on 28 September 2009 at 10.30 a.m.

Campaign Guru Ravi Singh, founder and CEO of ElectionMall Technologies, Inc will be speaking on the instruments of on-line campaigning, touching upon technological solutions and services, specially designed software, advocacy in social networks, fundraising tools and search engine applications. E-democracy in Ukraine, SAAS in the Ukrainian campaign context and Obama's campaign experience in Ukraine are also some of the issues that will be discussed.

In order to manage a successful campaign on-line the traditional technology tools are no longer enough. Winning campaigns have come to rely on demand technology and specialized software. ElectionMall offers clients a variety of services ranging from building action pages to organizing a full ranged Internet campaign. ElectionMall solutions are based on a differentiated, individual approach and challenge all stereotypes. "On demand technology in election campaigns cannot be used in Ukraine in the same way it was used in the United States. All products and services must be adapted and altered in order to fit the national and cultural particularities of each country" - says Ravi Sigh, ElectionMall founder.

ElectionMall is primarily an IT company, which provides technical platforms for on-line campaigns at a moderate fixed price. ElectionMall does NOT provide political consultations, does NOT develop political strategies and does NOT get involved in any issues concerning the political aspect of campaigns. ElectionMall is a non-partisan company, guided by principles of independence and democracy. Ravi Singh further emphasizes that "the technology offered by ElectionMall is without prejudice to party membership, political or religious beliefs."

At present the Internet remains the only space or "Maydan" in Ukraine, where it is still possible to gather real volunteers and advocates, work with grassroots and identify campaign leaders. A number of Ukrainian politicians have already begun to copy Obama's campaign. However they are only managing to reflect the visual image of the Web site, leaving behind all the functional applications and thus neglecting its true purpose.

The political dynamics and the vast Greenfield Internet sites in Ukraine make the opening of ElectionMall office in Kyiv a very important event. ElectionMall hopes to help increase the number of politicians who are using the internet effectively and educate candidates on how to use social networking sites and other technological advances, such as e-mail and text messaging, to help campaigns reach their voters. "We view Ukraine as a center for the development of e-democracy in the CIS countries and as gateway for spreading on demand technology in Europe" - states Ravi Singh.

The visit will also include a number of lectures in leading Ukrainian universities. For more information please visit www.electionmall.com.ua

About ElectionMall, Inc.
Established in 1999, ElectionMall.com. is a non-partisan world leader in providing on demand (SaaS) Internet-based solutions for campaigns and elections worldwide, effectively utilizing technology and business know how to enable candidates, advocacy groups, and nonprofits to generate enhanced gains in awareness, funds, & votes. ElectionMall has 2 registered international patents. ElectionMall has identified over 54 different campaign behaviors and has categorized them into 5 specific product offerings, including: Build, Manage, Raise, Promote and Shop, creating a one-stop-shop that encompasses the entire life-cycle of a campaign. ElectionMall is headquartered in Washington, D.C, Chicago and LA. with international offices in Brussels, Belgium & Mexico City, Mexico For more information, visit www.electionmall.com

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