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Re: RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.36

George Danchev wrote:
Reijo Tomperi wrote:
Dear mentors,



* my checks showed that this release fixes #542352 and #544591, as also mentioned in the bug logs themselves they are fixed upstream. Please close them via debian/changelog, so we keep the bug log sane ;-)

* a typo in the long description:
unusal pointer arithmetic

* you can even drop the sentence of:
`We recommend that you enable as many warnings as possible in your compiler.'
from the long description as it is not related to cppcheck package itself, but found in the general programming manuals/books and because of `We recommend' string `lintian -ivI' explains that `the description does not speak for the maintainer or maintainers', should reflect the package domain instead. Agreed?


Thanks for pointing those out and sorry about forgetting the bugs.

But now it seems that 1.36 contains a bug that causes trouble with a lot of projects where macro is used inside macro. So we will need to do a quick bug fix (done already) and release 1.37 in a next few days.

To save your time, I think we should skip 1.36 and wait for 1.37. Unless you think we should release 1.36 anyway? And also considering that 1.36 might be seen as unstable version compared to 1.35.


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