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Re: RFS: kmfl-keyboards-mywin (updated package)

Paul Wise wrote:
Hmm, ok. Not sure what situations such users would need to see it in.
The upstream tarball should contain the version number in the
filename, so they would have the version number at manual install
The .kmn file is available for download directly in addition to the tar ball, mainly for windows users.
Hmm, ok. I'd suggest symlinking the .bmp file if that works with scim.

Yes, it is symlinked, which works fine.

For the upstream changelog I just created a
file which says to look in the header of the kmn file. I hope this is OK.
Hmm, OK. Personally I would have split the change information out into
a separate file.

When the kmn file is used on Windows, it is quite likely to get separated from any changelog file, so I've left it in the kmn file header for now.

thanks again for the review,


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