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Re: Canceled ITP for "lv2dynparam1_2-1_amd64.changes is NEW"

On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 09:47, Jaromír Mikeš <mira.mikes@seznam.cz> wrote:
> Hello mentors,
> my package was uploaded and waiting for acceptance.
> http://ftp-master.debian.org/new.html
> Unfortunately ITP for this package was canceled by some other debian process few weeks ago.
> I've got email about it, but I didn't pay attention to it believed it is some mistake.
> Can it be reason for refusing package?
> If yes can I do something now to repair it?

It was a typo in the other package that closed your bug. Now:

- reopen your ITP (is it closed by your package in NEW, right?)
- find the bug the other package wanted to close
-  close the other bug (or notify the maintainer) with the correct
'Version: ' pseudo-header.

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
My website: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi

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