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Re: RFS: graph isomorphism package nauty

I found a silly packaging bug that causes the package to FTBFS almost

I uploaded a new version to 


or from 


  signed tag: debian/2.4b7rc2

I know many people (including me) are not too enthusiastic about
spending time and effort on non-free software, however

  - nauty is the de-facto standard for graph isomorphism computation
  - I'm packaging it as a build depends for polymake, a GPLed package
   that I'm currently packaging for contrib, but hopefully will
   migrate to main by squeeze+1 (needs about a page of upstream code
   rewritten to replace the build-depends on nauty).  Several people 
   have inquired about polymake packages, so I don't think it is a pure 
   vanity package.

I hope that somebody at least downloads and test-builds this version,
since I'm pretty sure nobody did the last one :)

All the best,


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