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Re: RFS: libsockets

El mar, 01-09-2009 a las 20:58 +0200, George Danchev escribió:
> On Tuesday 01 September 2009 19:37:18 Leinier Cruz Salfran wrote:
> > thanks for the tips .. actually I use "pbuilder --login
> > --bindmounts /home/salfrancl --save-after-login" and after package
> > creation I install/remove within the environment .. the line "lintian's
> > authors do not recommend running it with root privileges!" is because
> > 'lintian' detects I'm using user 'root' (within 'pbuilder'
> > environment) .. I think it's not a problem
> It is not a problem per se for your packages, but might be a problem for your 
> system, which is highly unlikely, since lintian hardly does rm -rf 


> frivolously, but bugs happen and anyway nice to have in mind when lintian 
> authors say so.
> What I meant to write was to install lintian as root inside the cow chroot, 
> and then check your packages as non-root, but I now see I missed to write that 
> in my previous message. This way your system is safe enough - nothing beats, 
> non-root inside chroot ;-)

thanks once again .. i'll follow your advice because i'm using

> > thanks anyway ;)
> Welcome.
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