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Re: CDBS question

On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 17:23 +0300, Hai Zaar wrote:
> I have several patches for a package called varlkyrie. Some of these
> patches change configure.in and Makefile.am. I.e. I need to run
> autoreconf after applying patches. Following CDBS documentation, I've
> added these lines to debian/rules
> makebuilddir/valkyrie::
>     cat m4/* > acinclude.m4
>     autoreconf
> But the problem is that this got executed _before_ patches get
> applied. Here is the log:

> How can I make it to run after patching?

Try the post-patches target, like this:

	cat m4/* > acinclude.m4

Though I would usually defer to an autogen.sh if its supplied in the
source (and if it doesn't prompt for stuff like gettextize,) over

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