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Re: Issue with dpkg-shlibdepds

In <20090901055635.GC6326@glandium.org>, Mike Hommey wrote:
>On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 04:03:06PM -0700, Joe Smith wrote:
>> Another issue sprung up, though. What I need to be able to do now is have
>> libngi3 (0.8) and libngi3 (0.9) installed at the same time. They don't
>> share any binaries that are the same.
>Why would you want that, actually ? Most of the time, this is not
>something you'd want. If they are compatible, you don't even need that.
>If they are not compatible, then the SONAME should be changed, not the
>package name.

However, changing the (binary) package name could possibly allow side-by-side 
installation of the old ABI and the new ABI.  This may be desirable in the 
short term for any library.  For the long-term, multiple source packages will 
probably be required.
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