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[ping] Re: RFS: gimp-gap (FTBFS, 2 other "serious bugs")


I have not received any answer to this message, I'd be very happy if someone volunteered...

(TODO list added below)

Le 7 août 09 à 10:45, Thibaut Paumard a écrit :
Dear mentors,

I have prepared a new upload of my package gimp-gap. I would be grateful if someone would upload it for me (I'm a DM but this package doesn't have the Dm-Upload-Allowed field yet). It fixes serious bugs:
- FTBFS on ia64;
- inclusion of external libraries, including patent-problematic ffmpeg.

To get the source package:
dget http://www.lesia.obspm.fr/perso/thibaut-paumard/debian/pool/main/g/gimp-gap/gimp-gap_2.6.0+dfsg-1.dsc

Complete changelog:
 * Remove convenience copies of external libraries libmpeg3
   (Closes: #537727) and ffmpeg (Closes: #537725).
 * Bug fix: "implicit pointer conversions", thanks to dann frazier
   (Closes: #536528).
 * add ${misc:Depends} in the dependencies (lintian warning).
 * set debhelper compatibility level to 7 (lintian warning).
 * Changed all -1 dependencies to -1~ to make backporting easier
   (suggested by lintian).
 * mangle version in watch file (suggested by lintian).

Best regards, Thibaut.


For the next upload, I am working on getting gimp-gap to compile nicely against debian's ffmpeg. I have a "working" version, but I still require to ship 10 files from ffmpeg in the source package (a 100-fold improvement compared to shipping all of ffmpeg, and this solves the patent problem).

As soon as the latest version of libmpeg3 is available, I will enable it.

Regards, Thibaut.

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