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Re: Bug#543843: gqview -- simple image viewer using GTK+

also sprach Michal Čihař <nijel@debian.org> [2009.08.27.1224 +0200]:
> Please note that there is geeqie, which took gqview code and now
> provides active upstream for it. There is also pending patch for
> geeqie package to provide gqview, which we will integrate once geeqie
> will get out of beta phase. And then it will be time to drop gqview
> package.

Much appreciated! I retract my offer and would also like to see
gqview removed as soon as the patch is out.

Is there any reason why the patch has to wait for the beta phase
to complete?

[consider removing debian-mentors from CC]

Also, I am not entirely sure there's a need for Provides, given that
only two packages suggest gqview. Howver, being able to invoke
geeqie as gqview (finger memory!) would be nice, ideally along with
a deprecation warning to retrain those fingers.

I am sure you know what you are doing and will just retreat to my
box. Thanks for the note.

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