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Re: How to specify a command to run if SELinux is installed subsequent to installing a package


K.S. Bhaskar schrieb:

> GT.M requires the ability to execute dynamically compiled code (it's a
> feature of the MUMPS language).  To give GT.M this permission with
> SELinux, the usual installation of GT.M executes a command such as chcon
> -t texrel_shlib_t libgtmshr.so.  But this presumes that SELinux is
> installed and operational.  If SELinux is installed or configured later,
> this command will need to be run at that time.  Is there a way to tell
> the Debian package manager, "if SELinux is installed or turned on, run
> this command"?

AFAIK this is not possible.  With my quite non existance knowlegde on
selinux, I think you should contact the maintainers of the sepolicy to
ship it with your changes by default.

Best regards,

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