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Re: RFS: obexpushd (small update)

Hola Dominik Bruhn!

El 06/06/2009 a las 18:00 escribiste:
> I'm looking for someone to sponsor a new version (0.8) for obexpushd.
> The changes are small, so it should be reasy to review. It is of course
> linitan clean, so no problems here.

> It fixes all bugs currently in debian bugs.
> Obexpushd is a program for receiving files via Bluetooth or IRDA. Its
> maintained by me (since the last maintainer hasn't got any time).

My comments:
 - There is a new upstream release (0.9), you might prefer to prepare that
   package instead of the version 0.8.
 - There are a few typos in the changelog, please try to fix them.
 - Standards-Version is a littly outdated (3.8.1 instead of 3.8.2).
 - Small typo in debian/copyright (copyight instead of copyright).
 - It's polite to include NMUs (0.7-1.1) debian/changelogs entrys.

"recursividad 95, 154, 156, 201, 224, 293" 
	-- El Lenguaje de Programacion C, pag. 293 (Kernighan & Ritchie)
Saludos /\/\ /\ >< `/

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