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Re: RFS: iulib (5th attempt)

2009/7/18 Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org>:
> I found some issues in the latest version of your package:
>  - The build target can not been invoked twice in a row because of the mv
>   commands (you know what to do, you did it right for the clean target).

dh7 won't invoke the build target more than once, so I think this is OK.

>  - The build dependancies are not tight enough: in earlier versions of libtool,
>   ltmain.sh is not in /usr/share/libtool/config/ but in /usr/share/libtool.

I assume that libtool should be (>=2), but I can't find any
documentation for this.

>  - The dependancy of libiulib-dev should be versioned on libiuli0. The symbolic
>   link /usr/lib/libiulib.so -> libiulib.so.0.0.0 will break otherwise.

Isn't this could be something that lintian should check for, along
with that .la files should be in -dev?

I've added  (= ${binary:Version}) to the dependency.

I've uploaded the updated package to mentors.



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