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autotools cdbs class and autoconf


That's my first post, don't know if it's the right place to ask, so
please be gentle :).

I work at a company where we use Debian on our servers. Whenever we
want to deploy new versions of our software, we build a package,
upload it to our private deb repository and then install it on the

My current assignment is to make a package out of 3rd party library
sources that my company bought. Autotools are used to build the
library. Sources contain configure.in and Makefile.am files. I am able
to build the library by issuing the following commands:

aclocal -I m4 -I /usr/share/aclocal
libtoolize --automake
automake -a

I'd like to create a package that uses CDBS. I thought I could use the
autotools.mk class but it assumes that configure script already
exists. But: I put the sources into our svn and I didn't put configure
in there because it can be generated from other files. When our
automated build system checks out from svn and performs fakeroot
debian/rules binary, it fails because there's no configure script in

What is the recommended way of handling this situation? I could just
put configure into svn, but I'd like to avoid that. I could write my
own rules that call autoconf and friends instead of using CDBS. But I
don't like any of these two solutions.


Michał Jaszczyk

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