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Re: RFS: gvpe, the GNU Virtual Private Ethernet daemon

On 2009-06-24, George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> wrote:
> GVPE looks like a fork of tinc which is already in Debian (or at least shares 
> some code with it), and its source tree carries libev (by the same author) 
> instead of linking with the libev library provided as a separate package and 
> already uploaded in Debian. Unfortunately, code dups, also means (security) 
> bugs dups, like that conditional `devision by zero' in ev_select.c line 105 
> which seems to be windows-specific (NFBITS previously and conditionally defined 
> as 0).

gvpe definitely isn't a fork of tinc, it merely uses tinc's
platform-specific tun/tap interface code (about 200 lines for
linux/kfreebsd).  the crypto code is completely different and in C++.

and unfortunately the embedded copy of libev is compiled with
EV_MULTIPLICITY set to 0 (libev in debian is compiled with the default
setting of 1), which changes the API/ABI.  (it controls whether an
additional parameter is required by function calls or passed to

Robert Edmonds

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