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RFS: kabikaboo --lintian-clean

Thank you to George Danchev, Daniel Moerner, and Salvatore Bonaccorso.
You have helped me to make my package "lintian clean". Sounds like minty clean... also added a man page. All my time using Linux, I never thought I would write a man page. I kinda liked it!

I therefore resubmit the package again (same text). New debs are on Launchpad. Hopefully someone can sponsor it. I'll fix it some more if needs be.

Thanks for your time.

1. Name:

2. License:

3. Short Description:
Kabikaboo - Recursive Writing Assistant

3. Long Description:
Kabikaboo is a simple tree branching text organizer. It is meant to be used to help aid in the writing of novels or other large documents.
 A recursive viewing feature allows one to see any section of the tree.
You can see an overview of all the children or grandchildren of any given node in the tree, for reference. Each text node can have any arrangement of children, and the nodes can be moved around freely. A tabbed notebook allows users to keep track of the most recently opened nodes, easing movement within a large tree.

4. Where:
Homepage = https://launchpad.net/kabikaboo
Packages = https://launchpad.net/kabikaboo/+download
There is also a branch containing packaging files.
The code is small, only a few py files.
I also just uploaded i386 and amd64 packages using "dupload".

5. Language:

6. Dependencies:
python, python-gtk2, python-gtksourceview2

7. Author:
David Kerr

8. Version:

Why it should be in Debian: there are ~ a hundred text editors, but none of them are like this, at least not that I know of. I personally couldn't write my novel without it - that's why I made it! :)


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