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Re: RFS: mupen64plus

On Sun, 14 Jun 2009 05:13:31 -0700 Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
> > > * can you do with lzma something similar to you did with bz2 and zlib?
> > No, not at the moment. The lzma-dev doesn't provide a shared object. I
> > changed 
> > it now to link against the static libraries from lzma-dev instead of the 
> > LzmaDecode-stuff in ./main/7zip/.
> > The ./main/lzma/ stuff cannot be changed because it is taken from libxz
> > (as it 
> > was called liblzma). This isn't packaged in debian yet. See #518803 and 
> > #532501 for more informations.
> ok, you forgot to disable 111-system-unlzma.patch, though
Why should I do that? You asked me to change it in a way that it uses shared 
objects from debian. This cannot be done because there is no shared object in 
lzma*. This means that I changed it to do a static link against libunlzma as 
much as possible as I wrote before.
Can you please write something more specific about your intention? I don't see 
a good reason to disable that patch right now. Maybe there is a little bit 
confusion about lzma/lzma-dev/liblzma/libxz/7z.

Best regards,

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