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Re: PapaFactory

In <4A298761.6020402@googlemail.com>, Narinder Claire wrote:
>I would like to find a mentor to  sponsor this package.

You'll need to build a source Debian package, and post it somewhere easily 
downloadable.  Some sponsors require using mentors.d.n, so that would be 
your best bet.

You should also make sure it builds cleanly in a up-to-date Sid chroot and 
the are no problems reported by up-to-date (Sid) lintian (and linda?).

Sponsors do not do any of the work needed to get the package ready for 
Debian, they also do not maintain the package during it's lifetime in 
Debian.  They are simply DDs that are willing to upload high-quality 
packages to the buildd queue(s).

The person/group seeking sponsorship is required to do the initial packaging 
AND maintain the package as needed.  They should be familiar with Debian 
policy (as documented in the Debian Policy Manual), the Debian New 
Maintainers' Guide, and the Debian Developer's Reference.
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