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Re: RFS: subnetcalc

On Mittwoch 03 Juni 2009, Patrick Matthäi wrote:
> * debian/changelog:
> - Missing close of an ITP in Debian.
> * debian/control:
> - Out of date standards version.
> * debian/copyright:
> - You miss your own copyright for your debian/ work.
> * debian/rules:
> - Please wrap l19 so that it is readable on a 80x terminal.
> - Disable DH_VERBOSE in offical builds.
> - Why are you adding calls to install-indep? Also the binary-indep one..
> You do not have a arch:all pkg.
> And lintian finaly gives me:
> I: subnetcalc: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign
> usr/share/man/man8/subnetcalc.8.gz:52

Dear Patrick,

thank you for your review of the SubNetCalc package. An updated package which 
has just been uploaded to 
should fix the discovered problems.

Best regards
Thomas Dreibholz

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