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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] RFS: thaifonts-siampradesh

LI Daobing wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 16:39, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
> <thep@linux.thai.net> wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 3:21 PM, LI Daobing <lidaobing@debian.org> wrote:
>>> did you verify this license on the debian-legal@l.d.o? can you give us
>>> a link to the thread?
>> Please see some discussion in the ITP bug itself [1].
>>  [1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=524835
>> In a debian-legal thread [2], I've tried to interpret the intention of
>> the written notification term as not covering the modified
>> version, but another term still enforces it.
>>  [2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-legal/2008/07/msg00008.html
>> So, it's quite obvious to be not DFSG-free.
> yes, i know it is not DFSG-free.
> but not all the non-DFSG-free software can be uploaded to non-free,
> and I can't found any conclusion that this software can be uploaded to
> non-free.
> consider repost the license to debian-legal@l.d.o
> thanks.

Hi Theppitak,

I would highly recommend you try interacting with upstream again to
convince them about adding their contact information to a FONTLOG and
suggesting people get in touch with them via that file as it's not
dropped by the package maintainers. Notifications can't be a requirement
but you providing contact information and suggesting it can make it easier.

One small step and their release can be free software and can be more
widely distributed as part of Debian.

Thanks for your efforts.


Nicolas Spalinger, NRSI volunteer
Debian/Ubuntu font teams / OpenFontLibrary

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