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Re: RFS: dnshistory (updated package)

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 10:25 PM, Matthias Julius <mdeb@julius-net.net> wrote:

> I am not quite sure how to deal with that one.  Since Luk Claes NMUed
> the package to change the Build-Depends from libdb4.4-dev to libdb-dev
> I don't really have control over which libdb version dnshistory is
> built against.  If it happens that a new libdb is uploaded before
> dnshistory has been built on all archs or if a binNMU is triggered by
> a libdb transition debian/NEWS will be outdated.
> I wonder how other packages build-depending on libdb-dev handle this.
> That entry in debian/NEWS is somewhat special in that the dependancy
> on libdb had been downgraded from 4.5 to 4.4 in order to allow
> dnshistory to migrate into testing (etch at the time) and libdb4.5 was
> being kept out.
> On upgrade I would expect db files to be migrated if necessary.

I don't see anything in the maintainer scripts that would migrate the
db files. Does dnshistory or libdb handle upgrading the on-disk db
format? Or can libdb handle older versions of the on-disk db format?

>> For some reason the mktime test in ./configure takes ages and a lot of
>> CPU in pbuilder and then fails.
> As explained by Sven this is due to an outdated ./configure.  What is
> the best way to deal with that?  Ignore? Run autoconf from
> debian/rules?  Bug upstream?

Bug upstream and run autoconf until the next upstream release.

>> I get one dpkg-shlibdeps warning, please ask upstream to remove -lm
>> from the link flags:
>> dependency on libm.so.6 could be avoided if
>> "debian/dnshistory/usr/bin/dnshistory" were not uselessly linked
>> against it (they use none of its symbols).
> How important is this?  I doubt upstream will release a new version
> just to fix those minor issues.

Fairly minor, just something to fix in the VCS (which seems to be bzr
on launchpad).

>> You might want to review the debtags and upload a screenshot:
> Since this is a console application and not primarily meant to be run
> directly by the user a screenshot is probably not very beneficial.

IMO screenshots of console apps can still be useful.



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