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pbuilder --build --binary-arch invokes 'build' target


I'm trying to address bug #521918 <http://bugs.debian.org/521918>. When I run pbuilder as
  pbuilder --build --binary-arch eprover_1.0.004-1.dsc
so that it should build only the binary target, it seems to me that it still invokes the 'debian/rules build' target, instead of 'build-arch' (or 'binary-arch'?), which I'd expect. This way, the building process fails, since it tries to build the documentation, but it's missing Build-Depends-Indep packages (LaTeX, tex4ht, etc.).

Am I doing something wrong? Could someone more experienced recommend me how to solve this problem?

  Thanks in advance,

[See http://git.debian.org/?p=debian-science/packages/eprover.git]

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