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Re: RFS: ripit (updated package)

On Sun, 26 Apr 2009 14:19:15 +0200
Elimar Riesebieter <riesebie@lxtec.de> wrote:

> * Elimar Riesebieter [090417 19:04 +0200]
> > 
> > Dear mentors,
> > 
> > I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 3.7.0~beta20090329-1
> > of my package "ripit".
> Is there no one out here to upload this package?

The RFS wasn't sufficiently interesting.


Tell sponsors why they should care about the package - your initial RFS
was bare, incomplete and just plain uninteresting.

"Your message to -mentors is like an ad for your package. It's likely to
be the only thing that prospective sponsors will judge your package on.
You can have all the extra URLs you like in there where sponsors can
get more information, but unless your initial message piques their
interest, they'll never look at them.

So, tell us what exactly your package does, and why it should be in
Debian. If there is already a program that does a similar thing, say
why your one is better. Put a little "hot spice" in there to hold
people's interest. in other words, think like an advertising executive.
Just remember to wash the slime off afterward."


I'm not likely to sponsor your package, just explaining why I didn't
bother even thinking about reviewing it at the time. Seemed like a
waste of my time, based solely on the RFS.

Sponsors are not automatons waiting for new additions to the queue,
there are other more interesting things to be doing and your RFS needs
to persuade sponsors to put the upload higher in their personal
priority list(s).


Neil Williams

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