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Re: How to get COMMIT rights for already exiting project ( "MSEide-MSEgui" in the "Sid" branch ) ?

On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Bobyr Raisa Efimovna wrote:

> Me'm the maintainer of this project but don't have access right to put updates.
> Torsten Werner <mail.twerner@googlemail.com> and Mazen Neifer <mazen@freepascal.org> helped me to join then with the COMMIT stuff but currently don't respond to e-mail. Me'm affraid that the project may be considered abandoned dut to no updates in 3 months.
> What to do ?

Contact the folks listed here as the admins here:


Since Torsten is a DD, you could also try the other contact methods for him:


His website lists another address for him.



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