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Re: RFS: throttle


I just upload a new version. I think that this version fixes all the
issues you have comment, but I accept (very pleased) changes for the
long description (my English is poor and I don't know how to improve
the package description)

Lot of thanks for the comments

> Hi again.
> On Apr 09 2009, Eduardo Ferro wrote:
>> * License         : GPL
> Just saying that it is GPL isn't enough.
>> It builds these binary packages:
>> throttle   - Bandwidth limiting pipe
> Some people require the short description to start with a lowercase
> letter, where possible. This would be a case.
> The same comments about missing trailing newlines on some files under
> the debian/ directory apply to this package also.
> Some files here have spurious white-spaces at their end. Some sponsors
> don't like this.
> The long description of this package is too short.
> Same comments about the commented debhelper utilities here.
> The debian/copyright file needs more attention: is the program packaged
> under the version 3 of the GPL? Or under version 2? Or under version 2+?
> This should be explicitly said on the copyright file, so that no
> questions like these are left.

Best regards

Hasta otra!!!

    Eduardo Ferro Aldama
    Alea Soluciones

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