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Re: RFS: lv2core

> Od: Jonathan Wiltshire <debian@jwiltshire.org.uk>

> > Thank you for all these comments I was working on removing these problems.
> > Package is builded in sid pbuilder and checked by lintian -I in sid chroot.
> > Lintian output seems to be clear.
> Yes, lintian is clean (though keep in mind it is not an indicator of a
> good package, just a syntactically acceptable one).
> Use lintian -IE --pedantic to get fuller output.
> > I would be very glad if someone will check this package and upload it if no
> problems occurs.
> There's one other thing I would do, get rid of any extras in
> debian/rules so it is nice and straightforward. You could also use
> debhelper7 to reduce the file further. Having a neat, simple rules file
> makes it much easier for a sponsor to review and more likely to get
> some interest.


Thank you for your help.
I improved debian/rules file using latest debhelper.
lintian -IE clean.

best regards 


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