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Re: RFS: libchamplain and libchamplain-gtk

On Tue, Mar 31, 16:48:46 +0200, Sebastian Reichel wrote:
> Ok I WNPP stuff should be ok now. libchamplain closes #498369 "ITP:
> libchamplain" and libchamplain-gtk closes #521626 "ITP:
> libchamplain-gtk".

I seem to remember Laurent Bigonville and Sjoerd Simons were planning on
packaging libchamplain as part of the GNOME packaging group (pkg-gnome).
Have you contacted them about doing the work together with them? (I've
Cc'd them.)

Another thing to note is that 0.3 will merge libchamplain and libchamplain-gtk
into one tarball and therefore you would need to drop the libchamplain-gtk
source package. It might be worth holding off until then.

Jonny Lamb, UK

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