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Re: [UPLOADED] python-lockfile 0.7-2

On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 22:32, Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> wrote:
> Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au> writes:
>> I am seeking a sponsor for my new package, ‘python-lockfile’ version
>> 0.7-2.
> Thanks to Kartik Mistry for giving feedback which led to a new
> release, 0.7-3; and for subsequently uploading that release to Debian.

Completely ignoring jak's suggestions? Consider them as soon as
possible, because they are all correct (to my eyes).

Sandro Tosi (aka morph, morpheus, matrixhasu)
My website: http://matrixhasu.altervista.org/
Me at Debian: http://wiki.debian.org/SandroTosi

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