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simultaneous installation lib and lib-mpi

Maybe I am not on the correct lists here, but I have a question / remark
concerning packaging and the use of a library that is provided in
different tastes, like a seriel and Message Passing Interface (MPI)

I came across this problem when packaging my own libgpiv3 / libgpiv-mpi3
(recently accepted and uploaded). These libraries are used by the other
packages gpivtools / gpivtools-mpi from a single upstream source (not
yet available on Deb). When testing the packaging of gpivtools(-mpi)
with pbuilder it only can be done if libgpiv3 and libgpiv-mpi3 are to be
installed simultaneously. Otherwise the building of one of the packages
gpivtools / gpivtools-mpi is impossible.

While working on the packaging of gpivtools(-mpi) I am getting across a
similar problem with other libraries that are available in seriel and
-mpi (libhdf5-serial-dev libhdf5-openmpi-dev to be more specific). Only
one of these can be installed at once. As I also work with Paraview,
which depends on libhdf5-openmpi, packaging and the use of gpivtools
(that depends on libhdf5-dev) is impossible. (It is preferred to have
the dependancy on libhdf5-dev, even in gpivtools-mpi as the .h5 files
are quite small and don't need to be stored/retrieved in parallel way.)

My question is why isn't it possible to package such libraries in a way
they can be installed simultaneously? Am I doing something wrong here?
If not, a suggestion might be to provide this possibility by filing a
'feature request' bug against all -mpi libraries. If this really is a
weak point in packaging such libs, shouldn't it become a formal
packaging policy?

Just my thought,
Gerber van der Graaf
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