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Pass argument from Pre-Install-Pkgs to Post-Invoke


I am currently working on my rkhunter package to improve the way its
database is updated on package upgrade/install/removal.

The aim is to only update file properties of the changed packages.

To achieve this goal, I need to get the list of changed packages, which
I do in a script invokef through Pre-Install-Pkgs.

The file properties can however only be updated once the packages are
installed, hence I need to run rkhunter --propupd on Post-Invoke.

How could I pass the list of changed packages between my both scripts?
For now, I use a temporary file (I cannot even use a random name). Is it
the right way? Could this have any security issues?

As a (better) alternative, is there a way to get the list of changed
packages in Post-Invoke?


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