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Re: adapting a dpatch to changed source: how?


Le 13 févr. 09 à 16:04, Andreas Schildbach a écrit :
I wonder what's the best workflow to adapt a patch to a changed source.
Even finding out the cause of the failure by examining the .rej file has
been no success.

And yet you can't adapt the patch if you don't know why it failed. Look at it this way: if you can't find it out yourself, how is a computer program supposed to do so?

Basically, I see two possible reasons why a patch would fail:
1- the lines to patch have moved, perhaps to another file: use e.g. grep to find where they are now; 2- the lines to patch have been modified: you need to decide wether you still need the patch (in an adapted form). Check whether the bug that is being fixed by the patch still exists.

Regards, T.

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