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Re: RFS: lbzip2

> How is this different to or better than pbzip2?

As I've written in the "hot spice" paragraph of my RFS, lbzip2 can
- with multiple threads
- a bz2 file consisting of a single bzip2 stream (eg. created by
standard bzip2 or 7za)
- reading it from a pipe
- using an input-bound splitter (ie. it's not the splitter thread that
looks for bzip2 block headers at any bit positions, because that would
become a bottleneck real fast as the number of cores (worker threads)

Please see the reports available at http://phptest11.atw.hu/ for
comparisons. If you have a SUSv2 conformant system (and you can enable
one if you run Debian), you're welcome to test it yourself and get a
similar report; please see the README.

> Perhaps you could get the two upstreams to collaborate and merge the
> two implementations of the same thing?

>From the wording of this question I reckon you didn't notice the
following in my RFS:

Upstream Author : Laszlo Ersek (myself)

I'm upstream for lbzip2. Its licence is GPLv2+, so anybody can
incorporate it, according to its licence.

Pbzip2 is distributed under a BSD-style license.

I won't release lbzip2 under a non-GPL license. Furthermore, I'll only
put code into upstream lbzip2 that I've written myself. I'm open to bug
reports, but I would probably reject feature requests.

If this precludes lbzip2 getting into Debian (under my maintenance),
please tell me upfront so I can stop bugging people to sponsor me.


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