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Re: RFS: gmusicbrowser

Ben Finney wrote:
It would help prospective sponsors of this package to know why it
should be included in Debian; that is, what benefits it gives to a
user such that they would prefer it over all the other music browsers
in Debian.

Fortunately, you have a good place to put that information: the
package description. Please post an appropriate long description for
the package with your RFS.

Sorry, I took the template from mentors.debian.net and I did copy paste, there
was nothing about the description (which is obviously on debian/control).

This is what I've written:
 gmusicbrower is a powerful graphic browser which supports libraris with
 a great number of songs (>10,000)
 It can use multiple inputs and plays MP3, OGG and flac files; it als supports
 mass-renaming and mass-retagging of a song library, multiple genres per song,
 ratings and customizable lables
 The windows layout is also customizable and it ships natively plugins to use
 last.fm, retrieve lyrics, find album pictures and WebContext which, through
 the mozilla/webkit engine will display the wikipedia artist page and search
 lyrics with google.

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