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Re: Licensecheck returns UNKOWN, but it's GPL

2009/1/31 Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>:

> If you can come up with a reproducible test case for 'licensecheck'
> not behaving as it should, submit it as a bug report.

I'm sure on my system it doesn't check files with names ending in '.h'

In an empty dir do:
$ touch lc.h && touch lc.c
$ licensecheck *
it returns
lc.c: *No copyright* UNKNOWN
and nothing about lc.h
If I explicitly licensecheck lc.h, it returns
"lc.h: *No copyright* UNKNOWN"

I just don't know if behaviour is intended.

> copyright status and grant of license. If your upstream is amenable to
> it, it's appreciated to make that information clear in each file where
> it makes sense to do so.

I'll ping upstream to get clarifications...

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