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Re: What to do if the original tarball contains a debian subdirectory

2009/1/28 Al Nikolov <a.nikolov@drweb.com>:
Luca Niccoli wrote:

The original tarball already contains a debian subdirectory (which
needs some corrections anyway), how should I deal with that?
If I dh_make straight after unpacking the tarball, dh_make won't
modify the debian subdirectory; but I wonder if removing it beforehand
will tamper the orig.tar.gz

It's nothing wrong to make changes in ustream's /debian directory wich will
be represented in diff

I have a similar question. Upstream has file ./debian/files in their tarball.

Lintian complained about that file so I've deleted it. But during build in pbuilder
it gets added back from the orig tarball. How to handle this?

With best regards

Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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