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Re: RFS: anyremote (updated package)

Juan Angulo Moreno <juan@apuntale.com> (21/01/2009):
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/a/anyremote/anyremote_4.15-1.dsc

Here we go, based on the source package only:
 - debian/anyremote-doc.docs:
    + Extra newline (cosmetic, doesn't hurt)
 - debian/control:
    + I don't think anyremote-doc should depend on anyremote. One can
      browse its documentation without having the anyremote binary
      installed, no?
    + Both long descriptions could be rewrapped (see e.g. 2 lines that
      are ~ 20-character wide).
    + You could use a slightly different long description for
      anyremote-doc, saying it contains documentation.
 - debian/copyright:
    + See the source diff, the author now writes his full first name,
      I'd suggest you do the same there.
    + “Copyright (C)” is OK, but “(C)” alone isn't. You need one of
      those: “Copyright”, “Copr.”, “©” for your packaging. [1]
    + Missing year bump? (e.g. © 2008-2009)
 - debian/rules:
    + I'm usually not using ifneq/endif statements, so that I'm sure the
      build breaks if autotools-dev isn't installed (e.g. it's not
      mentioned in Build-Depends). Not updating those means possible
      portability issues on some platforms, so it's better to know.
    + The distclean line is prefixed with an hyphen, which means it can
      fail without the build failing, which is bad. Removing the hyphen
      would do the trick.
 - debian/watch:
    + Strange line. What about:

[1] Caught by lintian, too:
| I: anyremote-doc: copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright
| I: anyremote: copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright


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