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dicomscope: open tasks

Hi there,

 I am working on the dicomscope package, and I was told there is an
issue with my package:

>   E: dicomscope: no-shlibs-control-file usr/lib/libjInterface.so
>     N:
>     N:   Although the package includes a shared library, the package does
> not
>     N:   have a shlibs control file. If this is intentional, please override
>     N:   this error.
>     N:
>     N:   Refer to Policy Manual, section 8.6 for details.
>     -> Unfortunately I have not the slightest idea what might went wrong
>        here.  Perhaps we should ask on debian-{devel,mentors} for help ...

Could someone please let me know:
1. What this means ?
2. What am I supposed to do to fix that issue.

thanks !


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