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Re: Listing dependencies with specific versions

Andy Hawkins <andy@gently.org.uk> (09/12/2008):
> > Please file a bug about this.
> Umm, I'll try. I'm not sure exactly what that bug report should say!
> Kind of new to all this Debian packaging stuff (as of this time last
> week I knew nothing about it!).

Short version: “Fix your shlibs.”

Slightly longer version: “Remember to bump your shlibs whenever symbols
get added. Please fix.”

People that maintain libraries should be able to cope with the shorter
version. If they don't, they probably shouldn't maintain libraries, or
should be mentored for that particular matter.

> I should add at this point that the package I'm using is one I
> compiled myself, not an 'official' Debian package. Can't remember
> whether it came from Debian or whether I compiled up the .debs direct
> from the FLAC sources.

In that case, one would be pretty welcome to check one's findings
against the packages that are actually in the archive. In this
particular case, as pointed out by Paul, the bug is present in the
packages shipped by Debian, so let's report it.


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