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Re: RFS: scim-waitzar, libwaitzar (re-submission) Attn: Paul Wise

Thanks for your review; I will address all of your points in turn later. At present, though, there is one in particular I'd like to clarify:

> Personally I would expect /usr/include/waitzar-1.0/waitzar
> to be /usr/include/waitzar, since it is that way for most packages. 
> Same for the pkgconfig file.

The guide I read on pkgconfig said that doing /usr/include/waitzar-1.0/waitzar allows non-Debian developers to "make install" two different versions of the library at the same time. I'm a newbie developer, so I have no idea if this is just overkill. Is /usr/include/waitzar sufficient? All the code is in a namespace anyway, so I don't think there'll be any conflicts. I'll trust your opinion on this one, but I thought I'd explain my thought process first.



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