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Re: Question regarding package dependance

* Stefanos Harhalakis [Sat, 08 Nov 2008 13:51:28 +0200]:

> On Saturday 08 November 2008, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> > In my opinion, you should just invoke the configure script with the
> > paths of all programs as they are found in Debian, eg.:

> >   % ./configure --with-tar=/bin/tar --with-postgresql=/foo

> After accepting the parameters it verifies their validity (program exists, 
> perhaps the version, etc...) which will not work.

That's too bad: if the user gives a path, it should be interpreted that
they want that as a compile-time default.

> > >   Also, how can I force vbackup to stay in unstable even after lenny is
> > > released when such bugs are found? (It makes the package mostly
> > > unusable). Is there a relevant how to? I've looked in maintainer's guide
> > > and in developer's reference but I didn't find anything related.

> > Packages stay in unstable by default, unless somebody takes action to
> > remove them. Does that answer your question?

> I thought that after 10 days the're moved to testing, unless there is a reason 
> not to do so. That's what I was referring to.

Sorry, I understood your "force backup to stay in unstable" wrong,
ironically I didn't think what you wanted to prevent was migration to

In order to prevent migration to testing, you should file a bug against
your package at severity "serious" explaining the problem that makes the
package unsuitable for migration to testing.


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