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Re: RFS: fex (2nd attempt)

* Giuseppe Iuculano [Tue, 04 Nov 2008 19:02:33 +0100]:

> I installed this service about a month ago, and feedbacks from my users are
> extremely positive. Anyway I respect your (authoritative) point of view and so
> I'm going to drop my ITP.

I don't think the opinion of a single DD qualifies as "authoritative"
unless they're speaking with some hat relevant to the case at hand on,
which is not the case. If several DDs started telling you this package
is not appropriate, that'd be something different.

I only hear one voice against this package, so I'd urge you not to let
yourself get demotivated because of it. For extra points, you can ask
other DDs you already know for their opinion, and work with that.

Good luck,

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