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Re: RFS: scim-waitzar

> Please upload a source package to mentors.debian.net
> so that we can check it for issues and possibly 
> upload it.

Sure thing. I'll upload it as soon as I can figure out
how to get GPG to output correctly. (Tonight,

> I'd suggest that you CC the Debian SCIM packaging
> list for future RFS mails.
Absolutely. I couldn't find any SCIM-related lists on
lists.debian.org... could you point me to the Debian
SCIM packaging list archives, or provide the email
address here?

> BTW, do you plan to work on translating the Debian
> Installer to Burmese?
Our implicit assumption is that more Burmese Linux
users will benefit from translating the day-to-day
interface than from translating the one-time
installer. However, from the L10N page, it seems that
there are only ~1700 strings in the Debian installer,
so it's certainly feasible. I'll bring it up on the
forums after Lenny's released. 

Thanks for the advice,


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