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RFS: scim-waitzar

Good afternoon everyone,
   I am writing this email to request a sponsor for
the brand new package, "scim-waitzar".

   The scim-waitzar project provides an IMEngine for
SCIM that supports the Burmese language. In
particular, it allows Burmese text to be typed through
the use of a romanisation, similar to how scim-pinyin
works for Chinese. 

   Currently, Burmese text must be typed using
keyboard layouts (letter-at-a-time) on Linux. As far
as I know, scim-waitzar is the only romanised IME
available for Linux. A significant number of users
prefer romanisation over keyboard layouts; there are a
number of Windows utilities and Firefox addons that
support romanised Burmese input, but so far nothing
for SCIM. Seeing as SCIM is widely supported on Debian
(among other systems), I see the scim-waitzar package
as a key enabling technology for Burmese Linux users. 

   The package is currently in the alpha stage; it
works fine, but we are having a number of Myanmar
users test it before we formally submit the package to
debian. I am the project manager of the scim-waitzar
source tree, and I'm the package maintainer as well. I
figured that now would be a good time to ping the list
and get a sponsor, since I am quite new to packaging.
The alpha package can be downloaded from:
...and the User's Guide provides a good overview of
functionality & usage:

   Please note that the alpha package ships with a
legacy romanisation, and should NOT be considered
camera-ready. My goal with this email is to get in
contact with a sponsor for scim-waitzar and maintain a
correspondence with him or her until the 1.0 release,
in a few months.

   Please let me know if you need any more
information. I'm happy to leap through almost any
necessary hoops, and I'd really appreciate any
mentoring and advice you might have.

Seth N. Hetu


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