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Re: RFS: nemesis (updated package)

* William Vera <billy@billy.com.mx> [080911 21:28]:
> >> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1:1.4beta3-1
> >> of my package "nemesis".
> >
> > The history of versions is quite disturbing:
> >  1.32+1.4beta3-1
> >  1.32+1.4beta3-2
> >  1:1.4-1
> >  1:1.4beta3-1
> Yes, because upstream's tarball, I used a epoch for update
> 1.32+1.4beta3-2 to 1.4-1
> Some recomendation?

I see two problems here:

1) the epoch for 1.4
Epochs often cause more problems than they solve, one should not use
them too lightweight, as you will never be able to get rid of them
again. That 1.4 is after 1.32 (and not 28 releases before) means that
upstream seems to use some strange numbering sheme based on decimal
fractions. There are good chances this will happen again in the future,
so instead of using an epoch, normalizing that to usual natural numbers
by making that a 1.40 could have expressed the situation more clearly
(and avoid similar problems in the future). But alas, it is to late,
the epoch is in the archive, it can never ever go away now...

2) 1.4beta3 coming after 1.4
That sounds strange. Usually beta releases come before the final
release (to be expressed in Debian version numbers either by ~ or
by the oldversion-newbeta trick), so having this after 1.4 looks very
strange to me.

If you take a look at the dates at the download site, you see that this
feeling seems to be right:
nemesis-1.4beta3.tar.gz 29-Oct-2003 19:12
nemesis-1.4beta3.zip    07-Oct-2004 02:02
nemesis-1.4.tar.gz      07-Oct-2004 04:29
nemesis-1.4.zip         07-Oct-2004 04:47
nemesis-1.4.zip.asc     07-Oct-2004 04:47
nemesis-1.4.tar.gz.asc  07-Oct-2004 04:49

So your "new" version seems to actually be almost a year older than the
previous one and is the version you just replaced in the previous entry.

If you do not want uscan to tell you in error that there is an newer
upstream version if there is none, just tell it to Debianize the
versions there, by adding an


i.e make debian/watch look like the following (two lines):

opts="uversionmangle=s/beta/~beta/" http://sf.net/nemesis/nemesis-(.*)\.tar\.gz

	Bernhard R. Link

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