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Re: sid chroot

Thank you Ricardo,

That did the trick.

However, now i wander whether would be appropriate to bring up this inconsistency between the two tools. For instance the Debian Reference document section states:

A chroot Debian environment can easily be created by the debootstrap command in Sarge. For post-Sarge distributions, you may use cdebootstrap command instead with appropriate option. For example, to create a Sid chroot on /sid-root while having fast Internet access:

However, on Etch cdebootstrap seems to fail while debootstrap works fine.

if you think that this is important enough to be brought up then whom shall i address?

-- Dionysis Kalofonos

Ricardo Ichizo wrote:
Hello Dionysis,

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 11:18:30AM +0200, Dionysis Kalofonos wrote:

i am trying to create a chroot environment for sid using the command

cdebootstrap  -v  --flavour=minimal  sid  /sid  http://ftp.debian.org/deb

under etch.

Try it with debootstrap.

    debootstrap sid /sid-root http://ftp.debian.org/debian/

Best regards,

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