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RFS: package TextTrainer

I'm looking for a sponsor for TextTrainer, a small learning helper written in 
c++ / qt4. The software is licensed under the GPL.

Description: program which helps you learn native or foreign language texts by 
 TextTrainer is a program which helps you memorise poems
 or plain texts in your native or in some foreign language. You
 learn by repeatedly reading aloud texts while more and more
 words are hidden (i.e. replaced by "_"). This will help you learning
 a poem, parts of your text for a play, or basic phrases of a
 foreign language before you go on holiday.
 Data files for TextTrainer can contain the plain text, as well
 as translations and pronounciation guides. Data files can be
 created with TextTrainer itself, or with any standard text editor.
 Some example texts can be found in /usr/share/texttrainer/data,
 other texts can be installed via separate packages, or you can
 create your own.

There is also an html-documentation (with screenshots):

The package can be found here: 
or just add
deb http://home.arcor.de/j_kanev/software/debian unstable main
to your apt/sources.list.

Lintian reports neither errors nor warnings.

I would be very nice if somebody were interested in this little piece of 
software. Learning texts this way really works, and I find it to be quicker 
and more reliable than other methods. The thing looks quite neat (qt4, using 
KDE icons), and I use it quite often. So, I guess this would be nice to have 
in Debian?

Lots of regards, Jacob.

   Setting Orange, 21st of Bureaucracy, 3174.
   jacob kanev
     eMail: j_kanev@arcor.de
            (any eMail with attached Microsoft-only files
            will be regarded as spam)

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