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Re: apt-get update problem

On Wed, 2008-08-27 at 05:07 -0700, Kruti wrote:
> I have created own repository using reprepro...hav added *.deb package to the
> repository and changed the sources.list but yet m getting the following
> error while apt-get update

What source line have you added to the apt config?

I think your conf/distributions file is probably wrong as well.

If you have the repository in /var/reprepro/ there will be a conf
directory: /var/reprepro/conf/ and the pool directory
in /var/reprepro/pool/

Make the /var/reprepro/ directory available via apache under

Then the source line would be:
deb http://localhost/debian unstable main

Check you have the usual components set up in your reprepro
conf/distributions file. e.g. mine:

Origin: Debian
Label: Emdebian-unstable
Suite: unstable
Codename: unstable
Version: 0.1
Architectures: i386 uclibc-i386 arm uclibc-arm armel uclibc-armel
powerpc uclibc-powerpc source
Components: main
UDebComponents: main
Description: Emdebian unstable package repository


Neil Williams

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