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Re: README.source for dpatch


Jörg Sommer wrote:

the new policy version 3.8.0 recommends a README.source that describes
how to use the patch system. I'm using dpatch and I thought the dpatch
maintainer publish a README.source with their package. But it didn't
happen until now. Does anyone who uses dpatch has written a

I wouldn't understand the policy so that you have to explain how to use
dpatch, but that your package uses dpatch (i.e. the person willing to
update your package shouldn't have to guess that dpatch is used).
IMHO it can't be that each package using dpatch (or cdbs, or...) has to have explanations
on how to use it, but I'm no DD and wasn't part of the discussions, just
plain old common sense.

This said, dpatch in unstable contains now a README.source(.gz).


Bye, Jörg.

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