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Re: RFS: Second try for twiki-ldapcontrib, new upstream version - Re: RFS: twiki-ldapcontrib - LDAP services for TWiki

SD> frustratingly, I'm not a DD

SD> and Worse. I have an emergency update to TWiki for a security issue that
SD> needs fixing for Lenny, but I have no DD to help me upload it

SD> Anyone here willing to do a quick package upload of TWiki in the next day?

SD> http://distributedinformation.com/TWikiDebian/twiki_4.1.2-4_amd64.changes
SD> is the latest version...

if twiki users make upgrade package then they 'll lost twiki-session-dir:


if [ "$found_owner" = "$TWIKI_OWNER" -a "$found_group" = "www-data" -a "$found_perms" = "drwxrwx--T" ]; then
	        # previous install is ok (owner:group)
            echo $twiki_session_dir ok
   	        #don't trust it.

previous permissions are 1777, new (check) permissions are 1770
... mpd is off

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